Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Nars Illuminator in Laguna!

It’s at this time of year we are all looking for a little glow. The weather is rainy and gray and not all of us can go to Hawaii for a week to get that natural beach bunny shine. Now you don’t have to! Nars illuminator in Laguna is a yet another brilliant creation by the Nars cosmetics line. This bronze gel is such a versatile product its worth making it a staple in your makeup bag.

Simply add a drop or two to your existing foundation and mix on the back of your hand before applying. This will add a bit of bronze color to your foundation while making your foundation last a little longer as your skin tone gets progressively darker through the spring in to summer. Another option is to apply just a dab to a makeup sponge and dab along your cheek bones, temples or anywhere else the sun would naturally tan your skin. Voila instant glow! No time for a sunless tan? Add a few drops to your body lotion. (I would recommend Khiels Crème de corps) the combination of this super rich but non greasy lotion and the illuminator will give your whole body a glow without the chemical smell of a spray tan and in a lot less time.

This product is available in many colors! A light pearlescent “Copacabana”, the ever popular peachy pink “Orgasm”, and for a little extra golden peachy glow, “Super Orgasm”!

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